What People Say... 

Intuitive Quantum Energy Clearance... 

Gets to the core of where the energetic blockages occur

"Wow!!! What an incredible experience.  Molly really tuned into my energy in a highly perceptive manner. Her process is beautiful, direct and gets to the core of where energetic blockages occur.  We got to the root of my thought and behaviour pattern, shed light on the shadow and identified the gift. For that, I have so much gratitude for the experience and look forward to my onward healing journey".


Blaise Penny-Kirkwood, UK

Relocation & New Job Offer shortly after a session

"My problematic theme was linked to our personal struggle to settle anywhere, thus this linked to a regular change of job. After energetically working on this Molly told me that something could happen in the next few days but that she could not guarantee either. To be honest I was happy with my session at this point and was not expecting anything to happen. However few days later a job offer came up from nowhere, I was speechless! We are now on the way to getting our life back together and I am ever so grateful to Molly as she is also part of it. I love the way Molly works, her sincerity and dedication as well as the fact that she is open to explain and share about her knowledge & how she works. I am so glad our paths crossed".


JM, France

Triggers caused by trauma deleted within minutes

"Tuned into my first intuitive healing session with Molly and I am so grateful for the opportunity. My intention was to alleviate anxiety triggers I had when communicating to people via phone - this would cause sweaty hands, frog in the throat, quick breathing - within a couple of moments Molly had deleted trauma attachments and strengthened areas of my body, reducing my triggers massively. I was actually relaxed and content chatting on the phone! Since, I have been comfortable creating conversations with new faces, even in large groups. I am looking forward to diving into another session with Molly soon!"

Aimee Smith, UK


matter is never without spirit.  spirit is never without matter.   Rudolf Steiner

Quantum Intuitive Healing...

I Could Feel the Energy Work Around Me

"My emotions are totally imbalanced, I have a feeling of deep sadness and low self-esteem and most of the time a disconnection to this "reality"  Molly cleared an energetic implant located in my heart and other negative memories which were connected to my ancestors.  I felt instantly different during the clearing as I could feel the energy working around me and after a few minutes I even cried".


Julie Liqian, France

Works wonders for fibromyalgia & endometriosis

"I always feel so much better after a treatment with Molly. She has worked wonders for me and my fibromyalgia and endometriosis pain as well as emotional stuff which manifests as pain in my body. I would definitely recommend it to all. Great work".


Phoebe Knott, UK

Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms for 10 years resolved in one session.

"Thank you, Molly, for our session.  I am amazed and still in awe! I am feeling much better and have way more energy from our session I can't believe the warmth I felt going from head to toe during our session.  The constant pains and pins and needles I had has definitely easied massively and I have more energy to run around with my toddler.  I was amazed and still am.

Thank you for all your help".


Lisa Puttock, UK

Molly was very intuitive & knew exactly what I needed to heal.

"Just had a quantum intuitive healing session from Molly Jones and it was amazing! I've never had any type of healing done before but I could feel a cold/heat on my spine and Molly was very intuitive and knew exactly what I needed to heal, thank you so much, Molly, it was so interesting".

Josie Stephens, UK

"What after all, is the object of education? To train the body in health, vigour and grace, so that it may express the emotions in beauty and the mind with accuracy and strength ".    Annie Besant

Quantum Healing tunes into Past Lives, Parallel Lives & Ancestors...

"My problems were reducing and disappearing"

"I had been experiencing negative issues within my life which was affecting my overall ability to conduct a positive attitude. The Quantum Intuitive healing started straight away with immediate confidence my problems were reducing/disappearing. During the initial healing process after highlighting my main concerns, it was discovered there was a random issue to do with my general breathing which was causing some blockage, having this blockage deleted allowed my breathing to become much better and more positive/responsive. I have seen and felt a considerable difference with my general breathing since the Quantum Intuitive session, and a new found positivity overall."


Richard Platter, UK

"Pain went from a 8 to a 1 and my shoulders started to vibrate"

"Molly is a wonderful intuitive energy healer. I had a session with her concerning a pain under my right rib and some ongoing pain and mobility issues with my shoulders. She immediately picked up that I felt stuck, frustrated and that this was making me feel unbalanced and a bit lost. During the session, I had more mobility by my rib area and the discomfort and pain went from a 9 to a 2. Molly also picked up that I had some trauma from past lives connected to both my shoulders and cleared this in the session, my pain went down from an 8 to a 1 and my shoulders started to vibrate which was a lovely but different experience. I would definitely recommend Molly for an energy session, she is a warm, intuitive and gifted healer"

Lee Fernandes, UK 

"How can we know who is the other until we know who is the self".    Terence McKenna

Spiritual Guidance & Massage...

Life Long Anxiety & Agitation Replaced with a Great Sense of Calm

"After receiving a massage from Molly I felt a great sense of calm, normally I worry about all sorts of things and spent most of my life in varying states of anxiety and agitation about one thing or another. I wondered how long this calm would last. Well, six months on, I am still enjoying an enduring calm rather than my former agitation, which I think is extraordinary.  I now see Molly once a month because I can see, feel and know that it has a positive effect on me in ways that are quite diverse. For instance, somehow I seem to have lost my inclination to drink like a fish which has been my norm for years, and now, I just don’t feel like drinking to excess".


Sue George, UK

"the moment you change your perception is the moment you re-write the chemistry of your body".    Bruce Lipton

Tuina Chinese Medical Massage...

From an almost non-existent monthly cycle, to a first child

"I have received positive results from acupuncture in the past but I am not keen on the use of needles so discovering Tuina massage has allowed me to reap the benefits without the discomfort. Molly tailors your treatment to meet your personal needs and delivers an extremely relaxing and holistic experience with fantastic results. After an almost non-existent monthly cycle, after receiving treatments from Molly regularly I have been able to regulate my periods, increase my chance of fertility and become pregnant with my first child".

Stacey Vallis, UK

Flushing Pain Right Out of the Body

"Molly is so calm, warm and welcoming. She literally flushed the pain out of my body or that is how it felt. Like many people, my life is stressful and manic and as a keen horse rider, my body takes a few knocks too.  I use Tuina as a maintenance treatment now and I find the treatment has a wonderful warming and calming effect on me mentally whilst my body benefits enormously from the physical aspect of the massage and pressure point therapy.  It gives me an underlying feeling of confidence and the ability to cope with life and its many daily demands without becoming overwhelmed or anxious.  It kind of gives me a coping mechanism".

Liz  E. UK

Diabetic Symptoms & Extreme Fatigue Resolved

"I had been diagnosed as diabetic, amongst a number of symptoms I was feeling extreme fatigue. Through a combination of diet, exercise and Tuina my energy levels increased radically and we managed to reverse the condition. I am no longer technically Diabetic!  Molly is impeccably professional and yet manages her healing approach with a pragmatism and great sense of humour that makes you very comfortable and confident with her treatments.  I am so convinced of the benefits of Tuina that after the initial five-week recommended sessions... I still continue to go on a regular basis. Thoroughly recommended".


Robin Chowdhury, UK

"we're creators - and  even more than  that we're connected creators".    Gregg Braden

Etheric Implant & Attachment Removal...

A boost to confidence and communication skills after implant removal

"I am so glad I followed my instincts and recently booked in for a session with Molly. It has helped me in profound and seemingly miraculous ways that I am continually discovering. I came to the session quite emotionally fraught but the initial meditation and breathing that Molly did with me helped to get me into a receptive and calm space. Molly told me many things during the session that were spot on and she continually honed in on areas which needed clearing and spiritual work using muscle testing. My main concern that I arrived with was a block in my throat area in terms of creative expression and confidence in expressing myself. Molly right away honed in on what the problem was and cleared the 5 implants that were surrounding that area in the quantum overlay field. After the session, I felt quite tired and achy the next day, and I knew that some type of spiritual interference had been cleared from my body and I was adapting to this reshuffling of my energy field. I now feel much clearer and lighter in my head area and have already seen a difference in how I engage with others verbally and in groups. Thank you so much Molly, I would recommend you to anyone!"     


LB, South Africa

"you will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you  do and not upon who you are".    Rudolf Steiner

Golden Sun Sound Healing with the Planetary Gongs...

"A relaxing time"

"Had a very relaxing and enjoyable time at the first gong meditation I’ve ever been yesterday. Thank you Molly and Nick for the warm welcome, would definitely come again".


Melinda Revai, UK

"The Gongs took me to another Dimension"

"Fantastic relaxing night and the gongs took me to another dimension, I'll definitely be booking another session".

Jon Brown, UK

"Feeling the gongs travel through my body"

"My first gong bath was a new and powerful experience.  Feeling the gongs travel through my body starting with my fingers moving on my right hand, travel up to my elbow where I have tennis elbow and it was about an 8 then travel down my body sound building up and down my legs got to a point that it felt when you get pins and needles with the waves and sounds traveling up and down, I would say after a few days my tennis elbow was down to a 4".


John Smillie, Scotland