Cost: Starts from £30

Duration:  30/60/90 minutes

Days:  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri

Location:  Bristol

Payment:  PayPal or Bank Transfer

two days prior to appointment

Cancellation Period:  24 hours

  • Traditional Chinese energetic massage.

  • Localised area & full body treatments.

  • Resolves ailments & medical symptoms.

  • Acupressure energy corrections.

  • Powerful techniques unique to Tuina.

  • Speeds healing time of physical injuries.

  • Releases fascia for Improved chi flow.

  • Improves flexibility, posture & mobility.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

  • Improved energy after just one session.

  • Fully clothed massage, no need to undress.

  • Quiet detached location in Bristol.


How does Tuina differ from other massage styles?


When receiving a Tuina massage it can feel very dynamic and energising or simply calm, gentle and soothing, this will ultimately depend on what energetic shift is required.  It will leave your physical body feeling invigorated whilst simultaneously creating a sense of peace, calmness of spirit and clarity of mind.  Tuina massage utilises diagnostic tools that include tongue and pulse readings which help identify disharmonic patterns.  A treatment plan is created for you based on Taoist principles with the aim of resolving your symptoms by balancing the energy field on all levels of your existence.



How is Tuina massage performed?


Tuina massage uses a variety of hand and forearm techniques that include rolling, pushing, holding, pulling, grasping and tapping. Some supplemental rotations and passive manipulations which assist joint mobility can also be performed.  All these techniques help to release pathogens and move blood stagnation.  The massage techniques start on a superficial level and then gradually migrate into the deeper layers before returning once again to the surface.  I complete an energetic assessment and make any necessary adjustments intuitively during the session.  This can include hands-off chi transfer and frequency work.


What does Tuina massage do?  


Tuina specialises in removing physical restrictions that cause postural and spinal misalignments.   It can focus directly on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as move blood and chi.  It does this by working with the fascia (connective tissue) whilst also following meridian pathways and activating acupoints which help to enhance the movement of chi.  This holistic approach is highly important as pain can often be caused by a blockage elsewhere in the body. Once these blockages release and chi starts to flow, the body’s innate intelligence will automatically re-balance you, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  

mind body and spirit massage work

Is Tuina massage painful to receive?


No Tuina massage is not a painful treatment to receive. Unlike some sports massages which tend to use continuous pressure on tight muscles, it focuses instead on breaking down tissue restrictions gradually with a vigorous rolling technique that aims to stay in contact with the body.  Although if your body is particularly restricted and requires deeper work, you may feel tender the following day, similar to a post workout. This is simply due to pushing out old blood and toxins which are causing stagnation.  The techniques are intended to gradually release the tissue whilst also relaxing the nervous system making it an enjoyable massage to receive.



What does Tuina mean and where does it originate?


Tuina (pronounced twee-nah) is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its translation means to push and grasp.  It is often used in conjunction with other TCM treatments such as acupuncture, herbalism, qigong and nutrition. It is often referred to as ‘acupuncture without needles’ making it ideal for anyone to receive especially those with a phobia of needles.



Can Tuina help with Medical Conditions? 


Tuina actually specialises in treating health related issues and physical injuries making this form of massage unique due to it using a treatment protocol.  It is also commonly given as a monthly health maintenance to keep the body in good shape by stimulating blood and chi flow. There is a saying which states ‘prevention is better than cure’ this sums up why having regular Tuina sessions is an investment in your health and well-being.


energy flows where the mind goes

Do I need to remove my clothing? 


No, because unlike other massage modalities Tuina is unique in that it works with friction through the clothes. It is often applied using a cotton sheet enabling the patient to feel a sense of relaxed modesty whilst maintaining a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the whole session.  At times it might be necessary to apply healing ointments to localised areas, so clothing may need to be adjusted or removed.


What other benefits will I receive?  


I also provide nutritional advice based on the five elements, deep breathing techniques, exercises and stretches used as part of my martial arts and qigong practice and spiritual guidance. I can also tune into your energy field and observe and receive information from the Quantum overlay and make any necessary energetic corrections.  Although the latter is recommended by booking a separate Quantum Healing Session.



Why is it important to receive regular Tuina sessions?  


The western lifestyle is in a constant state of over-stimulation and our neural pathways continuously receive communications that need us to deal with the daily pressures of work, family, homes, finances and hobbies.  We also tend to do a lot of mental & emotional processing which can cause prolonged states of stress and become quite a drain on our energy levels if they are not resolved.


When we experience mental and emotional stress our tissues have a tendency to react by becoming stuck and rigid.  This restricts the flow of chi and can be a huge factor in causing blockages and stagnation.  The need to maintain a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is vital for our state of health and well-being.  


The gentle yet vigorous Tuina techniques stimulate the peripheral nerves under the skin thereby having a positive effect on the central nervous system.  It relieves the stress and tension often stored within the cellular memories of our body tissues, encouraging them to dissipate, leaving the body more malleable even after just one session.  This allows the mind to relax and has a re-energising effect on the body as well as a calming effect on the spirit.

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