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Cost: Starts from £33

Duration:  60 minutes

Days:  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri

Location:  Online: Zoom 

Payment:  PayPal or Bank Transfer

two days prior to appointment

Cancellation Period:  24 hours

  • Greater awareness of mind-body connection.

  • Improved balance and coordination.

  • Alignment for posture & structure imbalances.

  • Focused relaxation and letting go of tension.

  • Insights into the Chinese meridian system.

  • A programme of daily home practice.

  • A course structure to monitor improvement.

  • Free 10min zoom feedback sessions 

  • Improve health and mental well-being.

  • Breath work to control and ground your energy.

  • Structure testing to show progress.

  • Body wisdom gained from internal martial arts


What is Body Awareness?

Body awareness coaching is a 1-2-1 service that aims to build a strong foundation for better body awareness and structural alignment.  The relaxation aspects alone will benefit your health immensely, but it can also vastly improve other practices such as sports, martial arts and dance.  The sessions contain an infusion of practical tools along with energetic corrections to improve your posture if required, making it a complete care package.  It will teach you how to synchronise mental faculties that will imbue balance, co-ordination, posture and body alignment.  It will also provide a framework that can be taken away and practised and built upon over a period of time.   This approach comes from the collective knowledge I have gained as both a martial artist and energy healer for the last 17 years.   

Much like learning to strengthen a muscle, we work to train the brain using a set of repetitive, perfectly aligned and symmetrical physical movements. When practice is applied, ideally a little every day, you will start to see improvements in your general well being, for example, if you get tired easily or perhaps you don't sleep well, check that this is not due to poor daily postures.  The way in which we express our energy through the mind-body connection is what illustrates our vibrant spiritual energy.  Having greater awareness and the ability to feel and redirect this life force is a vital asset for your power of manifestation towards personal health, happiness and overall longevity.

Why should I have body awareness coaching sessions?

It has been proven that over time habitual tendencies to slouch or even stand asymmetrically can create invariable stresses throughout the body.  This pertains to the organs that are under pressure due to the inadvertent restrictions caused by poor posture.  This also forces the body into a perpetual state of conflict as it fights to maintain its more natural state of equilibrium.  This whole process takes a toll on the body, its alignment and your finite energy resource.  


Our innate intelligence really wants us to move in an open and effortless way as this helps to conserve energy. This can be made possible with regular mind-body practice and a little daily dedication of course.  It is one of the most effective processes that we can use to develop more awareness of our internal state.  It offers the opportunity to transform ourselves, through the act of self-discipline and an appreciation of our physical body.  This is the space that after all miraculously homes our very spirit. 

"Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on Earth. They are constantly in meditation. Subtle energy is their natural language."      Mantak Chia

How was Body Awareness created?

A core element used by Body Awarness is the intrinsic wisdom and ideals of Wing Chun.  This is a Chinese martial art that I currently teach at my school in Bristol, UK.  Traditionally this art shows you how to deal with multiple forces whilst in a close-range combat scenario.  It teaches controlling and trapping techniques, low kicks, punches, palm strikes, elbows and sweeps.  This technical system merits itself on being simple, direct and economic in its application.  It avoids relying on muscular strength, but instead, it opts for the path of least resistance which is achieved from abiding by the laws of physics.  At the heart of wing chun is the ability to apply yin yang principles through the body, which comes from the ancient wisdom that originates from the Tao-Te Ching. 


A key foundation of Wing Chun is to focus on developing internal qualities that improve and transform the mind-body connection.  This art requires you to symmetrically align your skeletal structure and decompress anatomical joints, starting with the spine.  You also use the mind to move and release all unnecessary tension held within your fascia network of soft connective tissue.  This practice alone will manifest remarkable health benefits as it helps to clear pathways that aid the transportation of information between the brain and central nervous system.  This helps to serve the other major systems of the body holistically.



What are the other benefits of both Wing Chun and Body Awareness?


You will begin to notice improvements in your balance, coordination and postural alignment. You start to become more aware of how to centre yourself mentally, and how applying the correct body mechanics will naturally help you to release the unwanted tension that can persist in the body.  It will leave you in a relaxed, mindful and more grounded disposition. The forms can help identify blocked energy that inhibits the body, you learn to dissolve this with the focus of your mind that releases and circulates life force. 

The mindfulness state introduced in the first section of Siu Lim Tao is equivalent to a moving meditation. This brain frequency helps you to maintain a more peaceful outlook in life as well as an increased physical vitality.  With regular practice, the left and right hemisphere of your brain will start to build, activate and strengthen cross neural pathways. The bilateral nature of Wing Chun practice trains both sides of the body simultaneously and encourages a continuous flow that unconsciously just become part of your nature.


The level of respect and co-operation required when working with others, along with magnified self-awareness helps reflect subconscious behaviour patterns.  It gives you an opportunity to address any egocentric tendencies or emotional/psychological weaknesses.  This inner awareness is a path to becoming a better balanced, integral and self-responsible human being.


Edgar Cayce

About Wing Chun Kung Fu

Even though wing chun is a comprehensive fighting art, fundamentally I prefer to teach it as a form of self-defence. It serves as an excellent way to explore movement, the discipline of the mind, and life force cultivation in the process.  For this art to be applied correctly it requires a great deal of skill, combining relaxation, timing, sensitivity, awareness, self-control and alert focus.  These all happen to be key attributes for building a healthy body and mind.  So just the essence of this art can provide so much more than it is used solely as a fighting mechanism.  This is why I am bringing Body Alignment coaching forward, to offer the benefits of the Wing Chun practice as a purely internal transformation for those who may not resonate with martial arts but would like a physical challenge that exposes their weaknesses so that they can be strengthened and built upon.

After a period of personal practice, you will then be invited to participate in some practical partner work that allows you to witness your progressive internal transformation. It is when you start to form a precise alignment so that you can issue, absorb and re-direct different forces with another person that it naturally starts to flow into your day to day life as a surprisingly useful habit. The practice has a positive impact in creating a stronger mind-body connection, as well as creating clearly defined energetic boundaries that are most needed when having to deal with any potential negative people, situations or places.