Cost: £48

Duration:  60 minutes

Days:  Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri (adhoc Sat)

Location:  online zoom platform

Payment:  PayPal or Bank Transfer

two days prior to appointment

Cancellation Period:  24 hours

  • Ongoing medical symptoms improved

  • Energetic entanglements released

  • Trauma resolution

  • Mental & emotional issues resolved

  • Behaviour patterns corrected

  • Improved Interactions

  • Eating habits improved

  • Relationship dynamics corrected

  • Approved Rover.com Carer

  • Distance Healing using zoom platform

What happens during a Quantum Intuitive Animal Healing session?

These sessions are more conducive in a distance healing capacity, so access to online zoom platform is recommended.  It would be useful to have your pet in the same room whilst we run the session but this is not essential.  The nature of working with animals usually relies on a much stronger intuitive sense due to limitations in a direct verbal response.  So it will also be useful for you to feedback any subtle changes of temperament or abnormal behavior that might occur as a consequence when conducting the energy work.


The session will be an open consultation in which I ask about your pets daily routine and behavior.  I will also ask you to share any concerns you may have for your pet.  This will help me to tune into the energy field and start to intuit the information.  I am usually guided towards issues or incidents that are having a direct affect on your pet in the present.

My aim during the session is to find the root cause of their most prominent issue.  With a focused healing intention, I tune into their energy signature and strengthen your pet to any obstacles that are either depleting or stagnating their life force.  A common problem I see in dogs for example are trapped emotions which seem to reflect in the animal's behavior as a form of anxiety. 


This intuitive method works by creating new information that deletes, reprograms and balances their connection to the quantum energetic overlay.  This acts as a catalyst that helps to assist in the reduction of pain, phobias, behavior issues and emotional conflicts among others.

For a further explanation on how my healing method works please read the Intuitive Quantum Healing page - *click here* 

My pet has more then one issue so how do I choose what we need to work on?

Sometimes a number of issues can be intertwined so they would be cleared together.  Ultimately though when I work with the innate intelligence of the animal, it will be this phenomenon that guides me toward what it is that needs to be brought to the surface and resolved in that particular session.  It will be helpful for you as their carer to feedback their experiences.  You will act as a proxy so that we work together towards getting the best result for your beloved pet.            


What if I don't know all the facts about my pets life?


I use my intuitive abilities to retrieve information from the quantum field, so although it helps to know some facts it is not essential.  The quantum method is not limited to this current timeline. I sometimes perceive past and future lives, which ultimately are parallel realities existing all at once. It is also possible for these sessions to bring forward karmic contracts, inherited ancestral conflicts and other issues that bleed through and cause symptoms in this reality. This method enables me to identify, correct and clear the energy field so they no longer impact on the journey of this current life.  

What do I need to do before and after the session?


For the QIH session itself please have ready a list of the main issues you would like to see addressed.   We will then work through this (you as their proxy) together. My recommendation is that afterwards you be mindful of your pets behavior.  Usually as the energy field is cleared is can sometimes be an integrative process where you may only see subtle changes, but these occurrences are what change their whole state of being.  This may take a day, a week a month or even a few months.  Just allow the energetic shift to do its work and you will notice the positive outcomes usually when you least expect it.