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Truth seeker  -  Astrology Self Study​  -  Self Healing Life Coach  -  Meditation & OBE Practitioner  -  Yang Style Taiji Practice & Study - Subtle Energy Self Development  -  Gong bath Sound Healing Practitioner  -  Internal Practices with Lotus Neigong  -  Holistic Massage Diploma Practitioner  -  Yuen Method Training Level 1 & 2 Certificated  -  Tui Na Chinese Massage Diploma Practitioner  -  Reconnective Healing Certificated Practitioner   -  Martial Arts Teacher & founder of Synergy Wing Chun

My path like many others would be synonymous with the archetypal story of the wounded healer.  My conscious decision to start the healing journey started in 2005.  The strains of my childhood resulted in suffering terrible fear and anxiety.  This was to the point that I was not even aware you could feel any different, that was until I had my first highly effective acupuncture treatment.  This began my immediate fascination with how the body functions, our health in general and our energetic relationship with the world around us.  I began to realise that although my nervous system had suffered it also inadvertently developed my extra sensory perception. It ironically provided me with the intuitive tools needed when exploring the deepest levels of healing work.   I developed the ability to read bio-energetic information expressed through the multi-layered concept of the human being.  It was also the doorway responsible for re-awakening my dormant psychic abilities that I had not used since I was an infant, as I was told I would regularly communicate telepathically with my twin.

To this day energy medicine still remains outside of mainstream thinking which inhibits the belief systems of many people in terms of it's healing potential.  Now in the present with years of professional (and personal) healing experience, adjacent to my movement arts, energy work and activating higher states of consciousness.  My aim is to strengthen my energy field so that I may continue to work with others in assisting their healing journey toward physical health and mental & emotional well being.  This goes hand in hand with deepening our connection to divine source.  


As well as my intuitive abilities, I often utilise the healing wisdom from many of the subjects  I have studied, this enables me to create a holistic and personalised session.  It also gives me greater access to a wider scope of information when assisting a client with their individual challenges.  These modalities when combined have allowed me to develop my own healing method, I refer to this holistically as Source Intuition.  I am also the founder and head teacher of a martial art school which focuses partly on development of internal awareness and the efficient use of body mechanics, postural alignment and the mind-body connection.  This knowledge is fundamental to improving health and our everyday lifestyle.  It is also instantly transferable in terms of self-cultivation. For more info please click here:  Tuition for body alignment coaching.

My objective is to help clients return to a state of harmony and balance through the release of symptoms being produced which are caused by a disruption within the human energy field.  This relies on a deeper understanding of how our creative energy is filtered by the subconscious mind, often producing negative thought forms that fuel our E-motions.  This often has a direct impact on the physical body and is the cause of many ailments.  Tackling this and returning to a more neutral state, in my opinion, is a vital key to optimal health.


My energy healing and martial art work was in part a catalyst responsible for my own self-awakening in 2011. This I feel comes from the practices requiring a high level of focused awareness with the ability to listen, using the sensation of the physical body and maintaining a clear mind, which constantly receives information shared by the subtle energy bodies. This was an important cornerstone to my own self-healing journey and development of energetic abilities of which their is still so much potential.  With my inexhaustible curiosity for self-knowledge and a need to understand the universe and how we came into existence.  I dedicate much of my free time to researching the potential of humanity, our origins, the cause of suffering and the truth in this age of disinformation.  These are subjects I feel are fundamental to understand if we truly want to be in alignment and maintain a more centred state of being.

I have developed the ability to sense, unblock, release, move and clear the human bio-energy field. This has steadily developed over the years as a consequent of the martial art training and Chinese energetic healing practices as well as my naturally self-induced higher states of consciousness. I have attended many retreats around the world focusing on sound healing, meditation, awakening the illuminated heart, astral travel exploration and a golden frequency immersion retreat.  I have a regular energetic hygiene regime to ensure my own health whilst working with others.  I  have also experienced many activation's to help raise my consciousness.


I have spent over 10 years studying various subjects, gaining knowledge from truly remarkable teachers and researchers in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of self and consciousness.  This drive has always been steered by the desire of wanting to release our suffering and explore the human and spiritual potential.  I have been inspired by subjects such as psychology, TCM, the emotion code, Chinese energetic's, Yuen method, body mechanics, hermetics, martial arts, tarot, numerology, astrology, occult knowledge, ET disclosure, hidden history & origins and astral projection just to name a few.  These have helped me immensely to shift my limiting belief programs and enabled me to tap into our fascinating energetic potential.  I have had my own personal experiences of lucid dreams, several astral projections and supernatural encounters on other dimensional planes.  These were the most important insights into my own existence and how I now experience this reality.   It is also why I choose to continue to do this truly incredible work.

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