..." With my inexhaustible curiosity for self awareness and a desire to understand our universal connection of how we came into existence.  I have dedicated many years to deprogramming my mind, releasing old frequencies, expanding my consciousness, researching our origins and looking for the cause of our suffering... by seeking truth in this age of disinformation.  These deep existential subjects have been fundamental for enhancing the energetic abilities I have today....  

...My passion is to use this knowledge and my self healing experience so that I may guide others on their path.  My aim is simple, clear all subconscious blockages and interference.  This leaves you free to get fully in touch with your higher intelligence who is the only one that can lead you to your full potential..." 


Molly L Jones

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About Molly  

In 2005, after leaving her career in heritage funding of the UK’s ancient woodlands & historical sites. Molly made a conscious decision to begin a self-initiated healing journey. She would later discover this was synonymous with the archetypal story of the wounded healer.


Molly has worked with the Chinese meridian system in her Tuina massage practice for over a decade. She has also developed the ability to read bio-energetic information and provides re-connective frequency healing.  This was the gateway responsible for triggering her psychic abilities.  

In 2011, after a dark night of the soul initiation, she experienced a 3rd eye awakening which led to spontaneous astral projection experiences and vivid interactions with inter-dimensional beings.  It was also around this time that Molly developed an interest in astrology and meditation. She became aware of the importance of human psychology and the interrelationships that correlate with the alignment of heavenly bodies.  

Molly has been a Chinese martial arts practitioner for 17 years.  This requires a powerful mind-body connection, emotional self-mastery and ability to form physical geometric alignments under pressure. Molly’s experience has engineered a strong etheric body and the ability to focus her mind into sensing and guiding universal life force energy. ​

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Molly is the founder and head teacher of Synergy wing chun based in Bristol, UK.  She has traveled to receive direct teachings from many acclaimed internal masters around the world and continues to develop her internal skills.  Molly often uses her healing arts for the benefit of the school and her students.  

Since 2015, Molly has enjoyed uplifting the consciousness for others by providing gong sound healing for small groups.  It was also around this time she started her training to enhance her intuitive approach by learning ‘The Yuen Method’ for instant energetic corrections, now completed.  Molly's sessions offer a unique combination of quantum intuitive healing, Yuen method corrections, emotional clearances and etheric implant & entity removals.  She combines this with her knowledge of Chinese medicine, chakra system, the human anatomy and the wisdom of the mind-body connection embodied from years of close quarter martial arts training.