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About Molly 

Hi there and welcome, I’m a multi dimensional energy intuitive, Tuina meridian massage practitioner and Chinese martial arts teacher.  After many years of physical & energetic practices, frequency clearances and activation work. I have developed a synergistic toolbox that helps identify, interpret and clear energy blockages held in the human biofield.  My approach is both practical and esoteric and has been influenced by my understanding of Chinese medicine and the daoist principles and applications of the Yuen Method.  I also draw upon the emotion code and wisdom of astrological placements. I share the shamanic view of our interconnected relationship with the cosmos as one source consciousness.  I will intuitively communicate with your innate physical intelligence which in turn opens my psychic claircognizance channels.  I combine this with my ability to scan the human energy field for mental and emotional blocks by retrieving information stored in the quantum field overlay.  My energy work is uniquely enhanced by many years of martial arts.  The practice has focused on opening the body, agility and one's own self mastery. This has influenced my mind to be open which allows energy information to flow easily.  My physical practice has enhanced my gift to psychically see into your inner landscape so that together we can both locate and remove your resistances to harmony, stability and relaxation. 

What people say...

"I am feeling much better and have way more energy, I can't believe the warmth I felt going from head to toe during our session".  Lisa Puttock, UK, Mother 

"Molly cleared an energetic implant located in my heart and negative memories which were connected to my ancestors.  I felt instantly different during the clearing".  
Ju Liqian, Artist, France

Her process is beautiful, direct and gets to the core of where energetic blockages occur".   

Blaise Penny-Kirkwood, UK, Reiki Practitioner

"I was happy with my session at this point and was not expecting anything to happen. However few days later a job offer came up from nowhere, I was speechless!".  JM, France, Social Worker

"She has the ability to intuit on the deepest levels of the human energy field. She's extraordinary".  
Barbara Buck, US, Energy Intuitive & Animal Healer

"You've never let me down in the past 8 years.  Keep up the good work".  

Tom Canessuis, UK, Metal smith


Quantum Intuitive Healing

Invites powerful and dynamic changes to your mind, body and spirit.  These energy corrections can dramatically enhance your life circumstances, health and general well-being.  My main focus is to locate and release lifetimes of accumulated blockages held within your bio energy field.  This helps to eradicate pain affecting the physical, mental and emotional bodies resulting in a shift on all levels of your consciousness.  These sessions will also connect you to a higher state of self-awareness and provide you with spiritual guidance to assist you when searching for your preferred life path.

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Online energy corrections

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Molly with circle of life.jpg

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