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About Molly

Molly is a psychic intuitive who uses her empathic abilities to provide energy clearances for her clients all around the world.  Molly also provides a combination of healing modalities using sound and bodywork with the aim to clear, strengthen and balance the human energy field.  She also runs her own martial art school, Synergy Wing Chun for internal development.  Molly specialises in removing long term anxiety and heart blockages for her clients in the first session.  She will use her quantum intuitive abilities in conjunction with her knowledge of TCM meridian channels and their related organs to improve your energy flow which can be felt on the physical plane.

Her advanced energy work can cover subjects such as chakra balancing, voiding karma contracts, relationship chord cutting, trauma resolution, deletion of programmed negative beliefs, clearing of destructive cellular memories, removal of emotional energetic debris, retrieval of lost parts, astral attacks or entity and implant removal.  These all inhibit the flow of life force so it is essential for them to be released for you to have a better state of mind, physical well-being and for you to live a happier life without energetic interference. 

These etheric creations can manifest problems in the physical so Molly will clear what she finds as part of your overall session.  She will create an energetic resolution that will lead to your symptoms being dissolved, achieving energetically a positive and usually permanent result around your issue.


Molly has a background in holistic massage, tui na Chinese medical massage, reconnective healing, intuitive healing, Yuen method training with three master instructors and seventeen years of martial arts experience. Molly had an awakening experience in 2012 and has continued to expand her awareness with esoteric subjects and self study. She regularly updates her skills by attending retreats and seminars on subjects such as meditation, astral travel and consciousness exploration, golden frequency activation and martial art seminars for internal development.

Molly is available to work with you using skype, whats app, facebook messenger and zoom platforms anywhere around the world.

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What people say...

"Thank you, Molly, for our session.  I am amazed and still in awe! I am feeling much better and have way more energy from our session I can't believe the warmth I felt going from head to toe during our session.  The constant pains and pins and needles I had has definitely easied massively and I have more energy to run around with my toddler.  I was amazed and still am.

Thank you for all your help".


Lisa Puttock, UK

"Even though she's explained to me how she does what she does, I still don't quite understand it. Regardless, it's amazing! She gets right to the root of a problem and then clears it. She has the ability to intuit on the deepest levels of the human energy field. She's extraordinary".


Barbara Buck, United States

"I woke up this morning reflecting on the unexplained shoulder pain I had for almost 6 months. I've never known or heard of anyone else who employs the same effective techniques as Molly.  I will definitely refer anyone who is fed up with taking meds for pain to try her out.  Thank you once again for the help. You've never let me down in the past 8 years.  Keep up the good work".  


Tom Canessuis, UK

Quantum Intuitive Healing

Invites powerful and dynamic changes to your mind, body and spirit.  These energy improvements can dramatically enhance your life circumstances, health and general wellbeing.  My main focus is to locate and release lifetimes of accumulated blockages held within your bioenergy field.  This helps to eradicate pain affecting the physical, mental and emotional bodies resulting in a shift on all levels of your consciousness.  These sessions will also connect you to a higher state of self-awareness and provide you with spiritual guidance to assist you when searching for your preferred life path.


Distance Healing Via Phone or Online

Mobile:  0044 07818 507 695 / Skype:  Merkaba369



Take a moment to contemplate how we connect to the universe... 


..and what is it that animates our very being?   It's my conscious experience that our core essence is ultimately light, frequency and vibration. Our perceived consensus reality is actually a crystalline manifestation of this phenomenon that is being animated by a higher intelligence.


Once you start to explore these truly fascinating metaphysical principles with a higher state of awareness, it will begin to reveal more to you by a trail of synchronicities. If you choose to follow these signs it will guide you in creating a relationship with the subtle energy fields of infinite potential from where all things manifest.  


This invisible field of creative intelligence affects each one of us on every plane of our existence.  This means the more conscious we become of it the more we can experience these subtle energetic changes. Whatever perception we hold is literally what creates our reality and experience.  If your perception is not in alignment with your true signature frequency and soul vibration, your energy can become weak.


This is due to subconscious decisions that often keep you blocked from finding your ideal life path and personal truth. I can assist by tuning into this field which often bypasses the physical body, to re-program instructions directly to the subconscious.  This will allow you to make dramatic shifts and allow aspects of your consciousness to return to a more neutral state of health, harmony and balance.  A place where all our best ideas, inspirations and positive feelings first begin. 


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